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Summarize your Gmail inbox with Emilio's AI"

Skim your inbox in 3 minutes

Emilio summarizes your email threads and consolidates them

This way you don't need to bother reading everything.
One click and you have everything you need to know.
Learn more about how this summarizing works below.

Summarizing your email threads

Every thread gets a summary

  • Every time you receive a new email, the summary updates with the latest information
  • All the required information is consolidated in a few bullets
  • If Emilio identifies something for you to do, it will generate a call-to-action

To fully utilize this feature you need to download the Emilio add-on in the Google Workspace Marketplace. If you need help, please check our guide.

Enjoying all of this on your mobile

You can take full advantage of Emilio's features on your mobile with the Gmail app for iOS and Android.

Inside every email, you will find the Emilio icon at the bottom. Click on it to get the summary and the call-to-action.

Get an overview of your unread messages

  • Emilio consolidates all the High and Medium priorities in a single email that stays on top of your inbox
  • Each email has a hyperlink for you to quickly access it
  • The emails are ranked by their priority score, so you can go from top-down
Get your unread digest in a single email
Personalize Emilio to your preferences

Personalize the summaries

You can tweak Emilio's summaries to your preferences in the Settings page:

  • Decide whether you want the thread summaries or the digests
  • Define the number of emails needed to trigger a thread summary
  • Disable the unread digest when you have no unread emails
  • Have the Unread Digest show also the Low Priority emails
More and more digests

You tell us what is next

With Emilio's AI capabilities, anything is possible.
We are working on the Follow-Up digest, please upvote if you are interested.

Use our Feature Requests section to suggest the next one!