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Our mission

At Emilio, our mission is to alleviate the burden of communication for our customers, making them less overwhelmed. The overload of communication is a real challenge for founders, freelancers, and busy professionals. Our goal is to make this challenge more manageable, enabling them to focus on what is most important.

Our team

Ricardo and Daniel met in 2022 at an event in Madrid. Their conversation quickly gravitated toward Daniel's ideas, especially since he had recently left Tesla to pursue his own entrepreneurial dreams. As their discussions evolved, they realized both shared a vision to enhance the world's productivity.

Ricardo Batista

Ricardo Batista

CEO & Co-Founder

Daniel García

Daniel García

CTO & Co-Founder

Our values

Since the very beginning of putting together Emilio, Daniel and Ricardo set the values of the company in a very transparent way. We share them with the world below:

  • No embellishing: we say the truth, the cold hard truth. Anything else is lying and detrimental to the business.
  • High standards: in our work and with other people, we do not compromise quality. Not perfection, just quality.
  • Take time to discuss, but execute fast: any decision may take a while to be done, but once it is done we are all onboard to execute as fast as possible.
  • Lean and frugal: less is more when it comes to time, resources and money. If we have less, we need to find better solutions and prioritise above all.
  • Mission-driven: our customers win all arguments. We are here to make sure they are happier and they are more.
  • Only better than our worst process: our processes define how happy we and our customers are. Processes are always subject to change, but only for better.
  • We are all CEOs: everyone is the owner of their job. That means delivering it with a high degree of autonomy and leveraging every resource available.

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