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No installation needed

Emilio works invisibly in the background. To get started you only need to:

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Focus on what is important

Emilio detects what is a priority to you

This way you know what's important at a glance and get to inbox zero.
You can also feed your priorities back to Emilio so he can learn and do better next time - all you need is to correct the label to the right one.

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Sorting your emails for you
Emilio summarizes your emails for you
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Emilio summarizes your threads

Emilio also consolidates your most important messages into inbox digests. Get your inbox handled in 15 minutes.

To fully utilize this feature you need to download the Emilio add-on in the Google Workspace Marketplace. If you need help, please check our guide.

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It's impressive how an AI-based email writing can speed up your day. Don't ever write emails from scratch again.

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Things you're shy to ask

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Emilio different from other AI email tools?

Good question! Here are the top differences:
a) Emilio doesn't force you to change your email client, unlike most tools out there;
b) we have extensive knowledge of the market, having been in your shoes and knowing many others who are. We are building Emilio for them/you.

What should I expect when I first sign in?

Emilio will start processing in the background your most recent emails to understand your behaviours and patterns. In a few minutes you should start seeing your unread emails being labeled with Emilio's tags and summaries being generated. Bear in mind that Emilio only labels your UNREAD messages, and will keep labeling them as long as you are logged into the service.

How does Emilio ensure the privacy and security of my data?

Emilio is certified by Google through the CASA Tier 2 Security Certification, ensuring we hold your information to the highest level of security. Read more about it on our Security page.

How does Emilio know an email is a priority from me?

Emilio uses a combination of signals to understand how important or actionable is this email to you: who sends it, how have you dealt with emails like this in the past, and how does Emilio think this email will need your attention/action.

What rules does Emilio apply in my email inbox?

- Emilio only processes your UNREAD messages.
- Emails can be categorized by priority (high, medium, and low).
- Emilio tags High-Priority emails as Important so you can be notified only of these.
- Emilio has hidden the Low Priority label from the label list and in the email list not to crowd visually your inbox.
If you disagree with any of these rules, please let us know in the Feature Request section.

What kind of support is available for new users?

Emilio is very straightforward to use. However, every feature will be explained in our onboarding training via email. Nevertheless, if you have any questions, we promise to respond ultrafast at

I am not happy with the service, what can I do?

We stand by the quality of our products and are confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase. If, for any reason, you are not happy with Emilio, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply contact us by emailing and we will process a refund for the full purchase price to the original payment method.

Can Emilio integrate with existing email platforms?

For now, Emilio is focused on Gmail, but we expect to support other platforms very soon.

Does Emilio work with Superhuman, Spark, Proton and others?

Emilio acts on the fundamental aspects from Gmail (labels, messages, etc), so it is compatible with any other client that sits on top of Gmail.

How does Emilio handle different languages?

Emilio is language-agnostic; it learns from your behaviors in whatever language you use. If you detect any inconsistency, please let us know at

How is feedback from users handled?

We are constantly and energetically working to make Emilio better, so your feedback is highly valued. We make ourselves available through any channel. Please reach out at

How do I delete my account?

While we're sorry to see you leave, we respect your decision. To delete your Emilio account, please access your account settings and click on the 'Delete Account' button.